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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Remember a few months ago when I talked about the very best birthday cake of all time? Cass was going to bake one for my birthday, but things got away from us (as they do that time of year.)

One day last week she was home from school with one of those illnesses that clear up after a good extra 7 hours of sleep and some decongestants. She called me as I was driving home from class & said she had a surprise for me:

Isn't it cool? Angel food cake with hickory nuts and maple butter cream frosting. Cass didn't know the angel food cake pan was hiding in the WAY back of the cupboard (requiring a ladder), so she used two loaf pans. It was excellent, superb even. And I'll bet I got to eat 90% of it myself, which I rationalized by saying angel food cake is low in fat and cholesterol. (We won't mention the icing.)

I didn't want to post it until the grades for our first lecture exam of this semester were posted. It was our most difficult yet, and I didn't want to jinx my grade.

It's safe now. I did fine.


Anonymous cassie said...


3:33 PM  
Anonymous smf said...

Cool cake. I'll bet it tasted as good as it looks.

6:11 PM  

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