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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I love my space

I love my office space. It's not fancy. It's home to two cats, two dogs, occasional doggie visitors and almost no human visitors. It's usually a mess. I save too many things so, even though I could pull up the information on a house that wasn't built three years ago, there is absolutely no need to.

And I don't always take good care of it. So for this new year I've made a resolution. Catch up on the filing (AKA shift the rubble), take out the recyclable paper, and defrost the refrigerator.

I've already done the third, thanks to a squirrel.

One simple invention -- the doggie door -- makes having office dogs a breeze. It releases me from the toddler-like interruptions of, "Mom! I have to go to the bathroom!" The downside of the doggie door is that it doesn't discriminate between creatures that belong inside, and those that are just looking for, say, a warm cozy bookshelf to curl up on.

Enter the Squirrel. He decided to settle BEHIND the books.

He was chased out fairly quickly (Did I mention I share space with two dogs & two cats?) with a liberal amount of ruckus. In that ruckus, the refrigerator's connection to electricity was severed. Two days later, as if by magic, I have a completely defrosted office fridge. Who knew squirrels were so useful?


Anonymous Jan said...

Hi! Don't be looking for those 2 FOs I told you I'd have tonight -- life and bad crocheting got in the way! Still haven't finished the fingerless gloves (1 is done!), and the shawl for Mom got ripped out, to be restarted soon, I hope.

But my red scarf is done, and I really like it!

See you tonight!

11:23 AM  

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