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Monday, December 18, 2006

Let's do another one

just like the other one. (Am I the only one who remembers that cheer? Even with my low attendance at high school sporting events, that cheer is wedged in my brain.)

Here is another High Country Knitwear cowboy hat. I love the colors of this one -- Loden Leaf Lamb's Pride (I sure hope they still do this color. It's not flashy but even after knitting 2 skeins worth, I love it. This yarn has been in my stash since sometime between 1993 and 1997.) The red is newer Lamb's Pride and is actually more of a burgundy-red than it shows.

Maybe it's the perfect color selection (great earthy colors), maybe it's that Brown Sheep Company is based in Mitchell, Nebraska (how much more "heartland" can you get?), but if I could only have one yarn for the rest of my life (GASP) I would choose Lamb's Pride. It is not glamorous. It is not lacy. It doesn't have the sensual softness of alpaca or silk, but it does get a nice halo from its bit of mohair and it felts like nobody's business. I like its chunky single-ness. I like that the colors change, have depth, aren't flat. I love that it's cozy, renewable wool.

But if you were to ask tomorrow, when I'm out of my felting phase and have moved on to a new project, "If you could have only one yarn for the rest of your life..." all bets are off. I'll probably say laceweight alpaca. (I'm thinking of taking up with the pink leftover from my breast cancer fundraiser shawl. I'm sure I have enough for a nice scarf.)


Anonymous smf said...

I can hardly wait to see the finished product. I agree, the colors are gorgeous.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Jan said...

I'm with smf. I like that, and I want to see it! Any chance either of these will make it to guild?

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

Dear Gail,

The orange one is up on the HCK newsletter new this week (along with my account of the lunatic rug project, and pictures of Chewbacca, whose Christmas present it become) but when you've finished this one, with these great colors, I'd love to have one of it, too.

And smf: start knitting! One copy of Knitting for Dummies, two balls of good wool worsted such as Lamb's Pride or Cascade 220, and a pair of #8 needles, plus a crochet hook for picking up stitches.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous -joanie said...

Wednesday, 20 December -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAIL!!!!!

8:17 AM  

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