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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Meathead Knit-along

I mentioned awhile ago that I signed up to do Larissa Brown's Meathead Knit-along. (I'm linked on her web page as "gail & daughter." Cassie never did get inspired with the embellishment, but she does love taking the photos.) Larissa is doing a book about knit-alongs and knitting communities. For those of you that know flickr, you can view photos of participants' meatheads under the group meathead06. She will select a dozen or a dozen & a half of the hats (based more on color coordination than style) to actually be in the book.

The deadline is November 30. I got my photos posted with hours to spare.

It fits and has an antic little peak, but I wish the hat were just a bit deeper. I'd add a row or two next time. The pattern uses one skein of Lambs Pride Bulky, 2 strands held together on size 15 needles so it's a quick knit -- I spent less than an hour and a half from cast-on to ends-woven-in.

I've never done a knit-along before (unless you count my injured reserve in the Knitting Olympics.) This was fun but was over practically before I started. Since I'd used the color Mossy Oak (a medium bronzy brown), I thought about decorating it with cream colored I-cord for a gingerbread look, but settled on a peacock feather lashed to a bar pin with matching yarn, leaving the ends dangle and adding a few more ends for good measure. Oliver loves it. He REALLY wants this hat. I gave him the rest of the peacock feather to play with but being the wool lover he is, he wants it all.


Anonymous smf said...

I didn't think I cared a lot for the meathead cap design until I saw the photos. (Maybe it's the model??) Really clever, especially the peacock feather touch.

4:57 PM  

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