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Monday, November 06, 2006

Stitches, East

A fine time was had & too much money spent by all on our field trip to Stitches East at the Baltimore Convention Center.

I saw a lace shawl style show and met the wonderful Jane Sowerby, author of Victorian Lace Today. (She was gracious late in the afternoon on day 4 of a 4 day extravaganza of knitters. That's character.) I was so charmed, I bought her book to have it autographed and paid RETAIL. (Those that know me and my "you can find anything on the used market eventually" theory know I was commemorating the event, not buying the book.)

Caps to the Capital has collected 17,000 caps so far. A small bit of their goal, but still, a LOT of baby caps.

There were a bunch more behind on another table and in boxes. My little one is the blue with white stripes. It looks less lumpy in person.

The most beautiful skein of yarn in the entire place (and there were at least 10 long aisles with vendors on each side) was this:

The one of blue and gold and green and brown and cranberry in the middle. It's dyed by Mountain Colors in the Bitterroot Rainbow colorway for Caryll Designs. This gorgeous, subtle, perfect, 300 yard skein of laceweight is the result of dying over the soft brown of quiviut. By comparison, as pretty as Mountain Colors yarns are, it looks downright gaudy over wool. I went back to visit the skein several times. I wanted a whole shawl of it, but decided a wimple would do nicely. I can't tell you how much it costs. You'd faint.


Anonymous smf said...

I thought a "wimple" was something a nun wore as part of her head covering. Anyway, the yarn looks gorgeous and I'm sure even more so in real life.

7:53 PM  

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