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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Exam 2

Our second written exam (of 3) is tomorrow. It covers the Microbiology third of the class and I feel much less confident on this section than I did on the Anatomy/Physiology of the first section.

Microbiology seems to suffer from excessive use of words like "most," "some," and "rarely." I just can't get a handle on "most." I start to wonder about those cases that are the exception and get pulled off onto some marginally related tangent. And how often is "rarely?" For some of the things we've been looking at (bacteria, parasites, fungi, viruses & prions), once would be too often for my taste. It's all interesting but I'm afraid "interesting" may not translate into a great grade. I'm not expecting anything that would cause me to fling myself into a volcano, just not great.

I do feel well prepared for the essay question. I've been doing plenty of research. OOOH I do love the internet. Did you know when you read enough articles from medical journals, you actually start to understand them? It's like learning a foreign language through immersion. Unfortunately, no matter how many times they say "neonate," I know they're talking about a real mother's baby in a heart-breaking heap of trouble. I've cast on a baby cap for Caps to the Capital as the antidote. It's the most wonderful shade of medium, almost-periwinkle, blue. Very satisfying, even if I did start over 3 times.

Lastly, I've got two words for any grown up trying to study in a house with two teenagers who thrive on action, sound and sibling conflict. Ear plugs.


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