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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Other stuff

Last guild meeting, our program was the Moebius cast on, to hopefully inspire us to knit Moebius scarves for the Santa Train.

Alas, I was inspired to cast on a Moebius basket (still for charity, just a different one). The handle has a twist in it so this whole basket has one side and one edge instead of a right and left and an inside and outside. All the trickiness gets used up in the cast on; from there on it's absolutely brain-soothing. The color changes keep it from being tedious

The photo is misleadingly red. When Dr. C saw it, he asked if there was a color that WASN'T in it, but it's actually only red, yellow and blue. When I'm done knitting, I'll throw it in the washer with hot water and blue jeans and shrink it into a sturdy, manageable, fuzzy basket for this year's state Rainbow leader. (Their colors this year are red, yellow and blue so when I saw this multicolor fun fur in my stash, I heard the yarn's tiny voice of destiny.)

And the shapely shawlette continues

It's actually at the point where I could cast off but I have such a whack of yarn left, I want to make it bigger and maybe give it a pointy edge. I like this yarn so much I want to use every bit. It's languishing in the cogitating bin awaiting a decision.

In non-knitting news: we had our first exam (Anatomy, Physiology & Microbiology AKA A&P/Micro) last Thursday. The class average was Not Good so our compassionate instructor graded on a curve. I was happily (for me, anyway) the outrigger on the high end of the scale and needed no curve to pull off a decent grade.


Anonymous Jan said...

All things are looking great!

It doesn't look like that basket will be ready before guild meeting -- will there be time to see it before it goes to its new owner?

I'm loving the look of that Anne shawlette. Anne isn't an amazing amount in one skein, like some, but apparently does go quite far.

And congrats on being Top in Class and the great grade! We knew you were super -- now some other folks know, too!

5:45 PM  

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