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Friday, September 08, 2006

Fashion Advice

I am the furthest thing possible from being a fashion maven, but yesterday I discovered I do have standards, however low they may be.

Guys: do NOT wear flip-flops with jeans and a faded T shirt.

Flip-flops are best reserved for wear with minimalist clothing: swimsuits, shorts, etc. Perky teen aged girls can get away with wearing flip-flops with almost anything, but that's only because the rest of the world doesn't expect them to have any sense. Guys, unless you just came off your sailboat or surfboard, stick with those chunky sandals with velcro straps. The slap-slap of flip-flops seriously interferes with your cool look.

I made this discovery while I was searching the snack food aisle of the grocery store for Puff Corn. I had a hankering for hull-less caramel corn. You make it pretty much the same way as any recipe for caramel corn, except instead of popcorn you use Puff Corn. Puff corn is a little like the stuff of baked Cheetos, if Cheetos were sturdier, shaped like popcorn and had no gaudy orange "cheese". You wouldn't think the absence of hulls would be a big deal, but I am here to tell you, hull-less caramel corn is snack-food crack.

Alas, the gourmet taste buds of Northern Virginia must not crave Puff Corn, because I have yet to find it. I predict a situation similar to the one Coors had when their market was strictly west of the Mississippi. People will be hauling Puff Corn home from their vacations and hoarding it in their basements.

I know I will be.


Anonymous Jan said...

Flip-flops also don't belong at work! Not on anyone! People hustling along, flap, flap, flap, flap -- just drives me crazy!

Wear something with a back strap, please!!!!

Haven't experienced Puff Corn, but it sounds great! I have had "hull-less" popcorn, and it's much nicer than the regular stuff. I'll have to look for this!

2:36 PM  
Anonymous cassie said...

wrong again, middle-aged ones! mandals (man sandals for those of you not up on the lingo) are a fashion faux-pas. you may find them acceptable because men in the middle aged range seem to prefer them, but you are simply bonkers if you take fashion tips from middle agred men.

flip-flops work on guys because surfer dudes wear sandals. surfer dudes = tan, athletic, many times blonde.

mandals don't work on guys because middle-aged men wear mandals. middle aged men = pale, chubby, many times hairless except for armpits, back, and chest. ew.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous cassie said...

i like when you write about me. possible topics:

a. my current obsession with evita
b. my current obsession with bon jovi
c. my half- thought out plan of doing my entire room like the mailbox (how cool would that be??!)
d. CoffeEden
e. the fact that i haven't dyed my hair in several months
f. my eyelashes, which are possibly my best feature
g. my new IMMENSE knowledge of the middle ages and the renaissance
h. my CRAZY amount of homework

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your blog by doing a search on "Puffcorn" because I have moved to California and it must not exist here. I am devastated at the thought of no caramel puffcorn this Christmas. Next time I go back to the midwest, I will be bringing bags back with me.

12:29 PM  

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