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Friday, September 01, 2006

Hints from Captain Sharpie

For anyone who is curious, our fabulous, unique mailbox makeover was done by applying a layer of white exterior semi-gloss paint, a little red paint for trim, then doodling with permanent black marker while watching TV. This is a test to see just how permanent "permanent" is. We're at a disadvantage because this is a plastic mailbox and nothing seems to stick to it for long, but that doesn't concern Captain Sharpie.

Captain Sharpie believes art is all about the process.

In other local news, after a summer of drought, Nature seems inclined to solve the problem in a single holiday weekend. Since it is so rainy and miserable, I thought today would be a good time to slog out and get some chili at Wendy's, and while I was out, maybe a tetanus shot. It's been over a decade and I'd been meaning for awhile to get one (unlike mine, the Offspring's immunizations are scrupulously up to date) but I was hurried along by a little freak run-in with a Vietnam era bayonet. Don't worry. The cut is certainly clean, and not all that deep, since the bones are so close to the surface of an ankle... I just thought now might be a good time for a Tetanus shot.


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