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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I must not be drinkin' enough?

Have you ever heard the Country Western song, “I must not be drinkin’ enough”? Well, I have come to the clear realization that “I must not be knittin’ enough.” For the last two weeks I have been cranky as all get-out. I’m stone cold sure it is all because I am not knittin’ enough.

I have a good excuse. This Physiology/Microbiology thing might not have been the easiest course for jumping back into the academic pool. The last time I took a science class, Jimmy Carter was President for Heaven's sake. To say my study skills are a bit rusty is an understatement. Still, I am unfazed … the professor is a knitter! And these chemistry formulas? They aren't any tougher than the lace charts I have been pouring over lately. The problem is all this studying is definitely cutting into my knitting and blogging time.

How to deal with the "reorg"? Why, by starting a new shawl, of course! I’ve cast on the Judy Pascale Shapely Shawlette pattern I bought last month at The Mannings. (Just because I wasn’t as enthusiastic on that shopping trip as I should have been doesn’t mean I came home empty handed!) Since the first time I saw this shawl, I’ve been curious about the shaping. (You cast on a few stitches at the center back neck and it grows wings and a point at the same time.) It has a nice rhythm and no brain-twisting complicated patterns to use up my otherwise-occupied gray matter. The pretty autumn colors of the Schaeffer “Anne” yarn I am using should be just enough to keep the boredom away. Besides, the classroom is pretty chilly. A contemporary shawl of an interesting hand-dyed yarn is the perfect accessory for a Student of A Certain Age, don’t you think? The usual female student uniform of low-slung jeans and a tiny, tight T-shirt with/without the cute princess phrase is seriously Not My Style and these ladies could use a dignified example.

They won't be getting it from me, but I sure hope they get one somewhere.

I’m off to do some studying. I hope to be all caught up so I can treat myself to a trip to “My Favorite Yarn Shop” in Warrenton over the Labor Day weekend. They are celebrating their 1st anniversary. Who knows what might find its way home with me (although I promise it won't be a llama)?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Gail
Neat pattern-wish I could even begin to think I could do that.
I watched a gal spin a couple weeks from Alpaca wool-she said it is much warmer than sheep wool. They should be as much as they cost-$10,000 for a breeding female.
Have fun, Rondi

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Jan said...

You NEED to bring this to guild. I have some Anne myself, and haven't ever decided what to do with it. Lots of patterns being looked at, but I don't have the shapely shawl. Can never seem to find it when I'm out.

And the low-slung jeans and princess too-tight, too-short tops? Those are going to be nurses one day? Ack!

12:54 PM  

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