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Saturday, October 28, 2006

you CAN go back

Also "change is good", "hair is an accessory" or "hello, Graysielocks! "

Three years ago, I looked in the mirror and noticed a few gray hairs. Well, more than a few. Even when "Blondes had more fun", I was never tempted to change my haircolor. Which means I didn't want it changed. Not then. Not now. Not ever. Let's just say Miss Clairol and I became "semi-permanent" friends.

I'm sure lots of people dye their hair with perfect contentment for lots of different reasons. Me, I was spurred on by not wanting to change and by being unnerved that men my age were suddenly showing up with seriously younger women. I've got it figured it's their own version of not wanting to change... "If the person standing next to me isn't old, than I must not be old either."

Well, the relationship I have with Miss C has hit the rocks. I'm sick of her constant whining for attention, "Don't you think your roots are looking a little peaky?" I'm not going back to my original color, I'm going back to my REAL color. Right now that happens to be more salt than pepper. Since I like it long, bring on the Witchy Hair, Nancy.

One of the (hopefully good) side-effects of going back to school with the raw young college crowd has been that I no longer have time to convince people who I am. I no longer have time to tell them to look past their biases and fears. I don't even have time to have my own. My new motto is "I'm smart. So are you. You figure it out." Maybe I've found my niche.

Now has anyone got any ideas on how to deal with the Cruella Deville hair day I'm having? I feel like I've got two choices: boyishly short or weirdly skunk-like.

P.S. You may have noticed the odd time this was posted... Vince is at a midnight-to-6 am lock-in playing LazerQuest with the Boys Scouts. ONE of us realizes the power of a nap and the other one is a true believer in Vault and Mountain Dew. Guess which is which?


Anonymous smf said...

My vote is for boyishly short. You always looked good in short hair, besides when you reach a certain age long hair makes you look older. Downside is taking the time to schedule lots of haircuts, unless you learn to cut your own or have an accomodating daughter who is willing to practice her hair styling skills on a willing mom. On the other hand Doug's motto is "don't ever let anyone in your family cut your hair!" Too many "whoops".

8:22 AM  
Anonymous cassie said...

oh snap!!! i think the accomodating daughter idea is peachy.

3:06 PM  

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