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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I've been thinking about growth lately, maybe because of the trees and the way they're hunkering down for a rest. It is a good time to stop and think of all they've accomplished this summer, not the least of which are the apples still clogging my refrigerator.

We went apple picking west of Leesburg a few weeks ago on a lovely, not-too-hot early autumn day. I can never resist buckets full of apples, especially when the "lowly" Dormins are only $2 a bucket. The orchardist called them "sauce" apples with almost an apology, but they're lovely. Although they turn brown quickly after slicing, they're not too tart, and tastier than the Golden Delicious, Mutsin (sp?), and Gala we also picked. (Ok. I admit it. SOMEbody also picked some Red Delicious. Youthful indiscretion.) Even after the apple cake, the crockpot apple butter (fill your crockpot with peeled, cored, sliced apples. Splash in a little liquid -- cider vinegar, sherry, apple juice, or whathaveyou. Spoon in a couple of teapoons cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon cloves, ginger, alspice... Cook on low for a day or so. If it's too chunky, stick in your mixer. Add some sugar & cook another few hours. Enjoy the aroma. Freeze in small peanut butter jars.) and after the crockpot applesauce (same as above with fewer spices, less sugar, less cooking time and no mixer) and my favorite caramel fried apples (melt 2 tablespoons butter in a skillet, peel and slice in 3 good-sized apples. Sprinkle on 1/2 cup sugar and lastly pour on 1/2 cup water. Let bubble along without stirring until apples are soft. Serve warm on ice cream), we still have a wealth of apples. It's strangely satisfying. I can think of few other things I could spend $20 on that would make me feel as rich.

On a smaller scale, we've moved into the microbiology portion of my class (it's fascinating but makes me want to wash my hands often) and have been talking about growth from the perspective of the wee little bacteria. If you give it all the nutrients its little heart desires (no, wait. It doesn't have a heart... or any other organ, or even a nucleus, but you know what I mean) and you figure out a way to haul off its waste products, this little speck the size of Horton's Whoville could multiply until the mass of all it's offspring would tip the scales against an AIRCRAFT CARRIER. In about 24 hours. How cool is that? It's kind of like the old question, if your Mom gave you a penny allowance and gave you double the previous day's amount each day for a month, how much money would you have? Should you take a thousand dollars a day instead?

Sunday's brat factor email puts it another way. "Growth is free." *

Growth is also good. Not to be confused with girth. I'm talking about mental growth, spiritual growth, emotional growth. Going back to school has been the most amazing thing I've done since 1992. I can't even express how I feel. (Maybe I should take an English comp course next semester?) I've been humming Helen Reddy songs to myself the last few days. Once "I am Woman, watch me roar" gets in your head, it's hard to get it out.

* Disclaimer: University tuition, books, high-speed internet connection, yarn, Curves membership, therapy sessions, knitting classes and handsome journals to keep track of the journey are all extra.


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Anonymous Bob said...

a friend of mine used to get any song out of his head by humming the theme song to "i dream of jeanie." sounds strange, but it worked for him. the trick though is you have to have a thing for barbara eden and be male and eventually your mind turns to things other than the music...

disclaimer: it never worked for me and i'm at an age and place now in my life where it never will.

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