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Sunday, October 15, 2006

HB Joan(ie)

You have always been "the pretty one." I say this with great pride, not the least trace of jealousy. (I think we all learned at an early age, "Jealousy is a terrible thing.") The high cheekbones, the thin nose, the straight teeth. It's cool to have a sister who's so pretty. See?

Besides that, you were Mensa fodder from day one -- brilliant, great grades, a whiz with foreign languages -- and to this day, you are forever surprising me with the wild variety of books you read. Anyone who reads The Double Helix and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd with equal gusto is a Renaissance woman.

I never could manage the Farrah Fawcett hair, but you could. (My '80's hair looks remarkably like my '90's hair and my '70's hair...) Aside from the hair, don't we look like twins? (HA)

You are the one puppies love. And grown dogs. And kittens, probably iguanas and certainly little kids. You may have refused the honorific "Aunt"; instead Vincent dubbed you My Joanie and Olivia carries on the tradition.

And here is The Photograph of Joanie. You know, The One. Arguably one of the greatest photos of any of us.

Happy Birthday, Joan(ie). What can I say? You're My Joan(ie) to me, too.

Love, Gail


Anonymous Jan said...


You're all good-looking in your family!


1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a picture of Joan with balloon implants...

6:09 PM  
Anonymous -joanie said...

be glad you never had the farrah do - you don't have to look back and say "what was i thinking!?!?"

7:03 PM  
Anonymous -joanie said...

by the way, as i recall the do was courtesy of the perm you gave me.

what's this about balloon implants?

7:05 PM  
Anonymous cassie said...

* i like the farrah do *

anyway... the last picture looks like a still from a movie.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous bob said...

it's quite obvious -- the first picture was taken after she took up smoking...

other than that i must admit, more than one of my friends had a bit of a thing for my sister.

5:15 AM  

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