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Friday, December 15, 2006

what I learned this week

This week I learned that Moms are the human version of virus checking software. (From Vince -- he's so sentimental, isn't he?)

I learned what a "spot compression mammogram" is.

While waiting to find out what a spot compression mammogram is, I found out what "The 40 Top Summer DOs & DON'Ts of All Time" are. (I'm not sure I agree with the "Of All Time" part. Or even the "Top" part.)

I only remember a few, mostly don'ts. DO wear a bike helmet. DON'T wear Playboy Bunny shoes, day OR night. Don't wear a skirt so small people wonder how you keep it up. One DON'T about swimwear mentioned "underboobs", but the other seemed like sage advice: DON'T wear sunglasses larger than your bikini. Or is that DON'T wear a bikini smaller than your sunglasses?


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