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Saturday, December 30, 2006


My life is just full of magic.

Remember a few weeks ago when I said how much I loved Lamb's Pride yarn in the color Loden Leaf? I'd just used my two stash skeins for this:

High Country Knitwear cowboy hat number 2. I used every bit. This is all I have left -- an empty paper label. (The champagne is for New Year's Eve.)

And the red scarf is to remind everyone that The Orphan Foundation's Red Scarf project is in full swing. Along with mentoring and other programs, the Orphan Foundation does care packages for foster kids who've aged out of the system, but gone on to college without the help of foster care or supportive parents. Since only about 50% of kids from foster care graduate high school, the 18% that go on to further their education need all the help and encouragement and "I'm proud of you"s they can get. Knit a pretty red scarf for them. I'm not so naive to think that a little hand-knit love could keep a struggling young person in school, but being warm as you walk to class can't hurt, can it?

But I'm getting sidetracked. The coincidence -- and my life has it's share -- comes in with the lovely Loden Leaf color. It is, sad to say, discontinued. I asked when I went birthday shopping at Uniquities and Brenda -- purveyor of a good selection of Lamb's Pride -- told me how this color had been forgotten and languishing on the shelf for ages when a woman bought 6 of the 7 skeins just 2 weeks before. The last skein sold shortly after and I came along asking about it just a few days later. A small coincidence, all this sudden interest in a discontinued green, but the big coincidence came when I was working out at Curves, 20 miles away. Three of us started talking about knitting and a woman I'd never met before told a story about the vest she was knitting for her husband and how when she went back to Uniquities for more of the yarn, the last skein was gone. Loden Leaf.

Of the millions of people that live in the suburban Washington, DC area, what are the odds that two knitters of felted Loden Leaf projects would be sweating to Cher songs at the same time? It's a sign. I think Brown Sheep should start making this color again.


Anonymous smf said...

That was the loden leaf yarn featured in your previous blog with the unfelted hat??? It looks so much darker and richer in real life after it's felted. Beautiful. I didn't realize it was the same hat. Iris's in Appleton has Lambs Pride. Maybe they still have loden leaf.

2:08 PM  
Blogger ClaireLeah said...

Here's an auction on EBAY for Lambs Pride in Loden Leaf - the auction is for a single skein - but she has six available in this auction. Go for it:

8:00 PM  

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