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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Compatibility Questionnaire

First, I'd like to say that just because I was reveling in the 22 degree (Celsius) weather the other day, doesn't mean it's my fault that today it's 22 degrees (Fahrenheit). I realize that I am a Mom and Mom's are very powerful, but I do not control the weather.

Classes started this week. I've switched campuses, and the syllabus said that at the new campus, we'd need an actual lab coat (as opposed to one of Dad's old shirts) for lab. With 4 days to work and a 50% off coupon for JoAnn's Fabrics, I decided to make one. Besides saving a money, there was the added advantage that the coat would actually FIT. I found the perfect white, bleachable fabric, shortened the pattern all around, et voila! 10 hours and $10.36 later, a well-fitting, well-constructed lab coat (with my initial embroidered in pale blue on the undercollar where no one would ever see it.)

When I got to class, I found out that the campus bookstore sells Tyvek lab coats for $7 --wear it for one semester and pitch.

Was your response:

a) Bummer.

b) You poor thing. All that effort for nothing.

c) You wasted all that time on a stupid lab coat when you could have been sewing an 18th century noblewoman costume for me!

d) Now you have a cool new lab coat (that doesn't swish when you walk)!


Anonymous smf said...

D. Hands down. Besides if you have a future artist in the family she can always use it for a smock when you're through.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous cassie said...

i would have to say c. but also a.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous rlf said...


d's what it's all about. if you pick anything else, you just don't get it.

5:53 AM  
Blogger chandra said...

This was beautiful and very thought-provoking.
Compatibility Questionnaire

5:48 AM  

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