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Thursday, March 04, 2010

March 4

Today is the anniversary of the day Noah let the animals out of the Ark. He opened the doors and said, "March Fourth!"

Trust me, it's funnier when you tell it to someone than it is in writing. I was in the post office, writing the date on a customs form, looking the post mistress dead in the eye when I told her this. We all had a good laugh. I have been telling this joke once a year for decades.

To put that in perspective, when I started telling this joke, you could find a pay phone practically anywhere. (Maybe even an actual phone booth.) Now you hardly see pay phones at all. I bet there is an entire generation out there that has never used one. Here is a photo of a recent, rare double sighting:

When I started telling this joke, the cokes in the vending machines had actual pull off tabs. The tabs were handy for making long, glamorous chain necklaces and, for the really ambitious, entire chain-mail shirts. Now the coke machines have matching water machines. (When I started telling this joke, we weren't afraid to drink our water from bubblers.)

When I started telling this joke, we thought it was funny that you could get beer in the vending machines in the barracks in Germany. Now almost anything comes from a vending machine.

I don't tell many jokes because I am flagrantly, stupendously, amazingly un-funny at joke telling, yet I have been telling this joke for a very long time. Now I have a new joke to tell. The woman in line behind me at the post office said she was at a children's church service where they were asked, "Do you know why chickens don't talk to God?"

"Because God doesn't like fowl language."


Anonymous smf said...

I was about 19 yrs. old when I first heard that one. The same lady, someone I worked with, used that one every year and it's amazing how many people fell for it, time and again. Short memories I guess. She also once asked me if I liked music. I told her yes and she handed me a rubber band and said "well, here's a whole band". Unique sense of humor.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous bob said...

Gail, I've heard that one. From you. A couple of times.

Still brings a smile to my face...

And my verification word is "avard." Sounds kind of piratey.

5:30 AM  
Blogger Marianne S said...

Remember "Once Upon A Mattress"? Was that our Jr or Sr year? Either way - your comment about chain-mail vests brought back memories of making those and the headgear out of pop tops. I also had to share my decades old joke. When you're driving down the road and pass a field with round hay bales, you tell people that Wisconsin banned them years ago. When they say, "why?" You tell them, "because the cows weren't getting a square meal!" haha My mom used to tell that one. Now - I do!

7:54 PM  

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