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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Half Done

I thought about calling this post "more of the same," but that did not convey the delight I am getting from this pattern. (Neither does half done, but I am in a verbal slump and the season has barely started. Baseball. You know. Opening day? Never mind.)

Here again is Sivia Harding's Angel Pearls Beaded Scarf in Blue Sky Alpaca's Alpaca Silk, color 138. I know I am half done because I started my second ball. (Elementary scarf math. Knit until you run out of yarn.) Coincidentally, I have completed my 6th pattern repeat of 11 so I am right on track NOT to run out of yarn, finishing without fevered yarn shortage adjustments.

(This photo's color isn't accurate. The top photo's is better, although this yarn appears to change color depending on the light. I think it's the silk.)

This pattern is such a compelling knit; I am considering Sivia's Diamond Fantasy Shawl for my next project because it has a bit of the same mood.


Anonymous Jan said...


I hope you'll see my first shawl on Monday, if the giftee brings it with her (and even shows up!).

5:54 PM  

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