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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It all started with this:

A tent with a power slot. The last time you were tenting it, didn't you say to yourself, "Dang! If only this tent had a special orifice for my electric S'mores Maker power cord? (There is such a thing as a portable s'mores maker. It is the small appliance everyone craves, which is probably why I saw one at a thrift store.)

Once my eye for absurdity was awakened, I also found this camouflage Jiffy Pop,

these shiny, pink, "diamond-studded" breast cancer awareness keychains right next to the worm & leech lodges and live bait,

and North Face flipflops, named I am sure because the north face of mountains in the northern hemisphere is usually the toughest route to the top.
Not all flipflops are designed to stand up to those extreme conditions; the next time I'm mountain climbing, these will certainly be my foot gear of choice.


Anonymous bob said...

I'll have to send you the picture of the "Post-Mortem Optical Glasses and Distribution Center" I took while I was in Beijing.

Another of life's little oddities.

8:59 AM  

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