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Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Grinchiness

This is why I have not posted about what I have been knitting this week:

It is a little, um, rustic. Lumpy. The opposite of svelte. I swear the green blob will look better when it is finished. This is side one of a memory pillow for TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), a community that helps the families of fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. The grieving survivor tucks a memento into the little pocket on the memory pillow as a small, private way to remember his or her special someone. On Memorial Day weekend, TAPS runs a program in a hotel near the Pentagon. I hope to finish this pillow and another half-done crocheted one before then.

The yarn is a thick-and-thin wool from Switzerland in a quiet green color that I think is just wonderful. (Some might call it drab. They just are not appreciating the subtle green-on-green thing going on.) Notice how the needle color coordinates with the yarn? I couldn't think what else this yarn could be used for. To quote the title of Franklin Habit's new book of hilarious cartoons, "It Itches." I wouldn't want this next to my skin, but I am going to felt it and fully expect it will soften up nicely.

My other treat for the day is a giant pot of Great Northern bean soup, the best I have ever made, courtesy of Easter's ham bone, a small head of cabbage, some left over chopped Vidalia onion and a pound of carrots. (One can never have too many carrots in soup.) It goes swimmingly with my lumpy knitting, not so well with today's sunny weather. I could turn on the air conditioning to pretend it is cold and miserable, but that would be cheating.


Anonymous Jan said...

I'm making bean soup today myself! Hambone saved for just this purpose (in fact, we had ham so I could have a hambone), carrots, chopped onions, my own combination of every bean at the store!

I'm making inroads into the 2-gallon jar of mixed beans. Slowly.

3:16 PM  

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