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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Mother Earth News.

I finally did it. I put my collection of The Mother Earth News magazines -- starting with Volume 1, number 1 -- on EBay. (If any of you pine to own the wisdom of the Gaea generation just past hippy but before global warming, let me know. They'll be up on EBay for 4 more days.)

Even though I haven't cracked the spine on a single issue in several years (well, maybe the issue with the tepee instructions. I have a serious love of good design and tepees are amazing), it's hard for me to let them go because they are hard-copy proof of an aspect of my personality that has gotten a little lost lately.

Do you dream of living in a McMansion with a swimming pool, electronic gate and a gardener? I never have. For awhile I dreamed of a fairly traditional -- but earth-sheltered -- home: 3 bedrooms, roomy kitchen, garage, etc.

For the last decade or so my dream home has been to find a lonely red tile silo of a decent diameter, top it with a glass geodesic greenhouse & some solar panels, build a spiral staircase around the inside & make a home out of it. Kitchen & bath plumbing on the first floor. I haven't figured out lightning protection & the window plan yet: lots of glass block following up the staircase like that funky visitor center at the Grand Canyon, but I'll need some windows that open... Which just goes to show, I am not afraid to dream.

I love high places. Can you imagine the view of the stars on a winter night? This could be the next best thing to the fire tower (July 31, 2006).

Ironically, selling my TMENs was spurred by an article I read about Tiny Houses -- houses under 500 square feet. People that live in them say " their homes got smaller, their communities got bigger." Makes sense to me.

I can appreciate that this is not every one's ideal environment. My own knees may not agree with my heart on this one. What kind of house would you have if all you had to do was dream?

P.S. Keep Fr. Tom in your thoughts today. He is having neck surgery. Or as he says, don't pray for him; pray for his SURGEON.


Anonymous rlf said...

i've still got "the not so big house" as one of my favorites, and loved the book (checked it out of the library in san antonio).

i too have considered silos.

and i hope when they move me into my new apartment, it'll be as close to the top floor facing he valley as they let me get.

7:49 AM  

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