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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

James Bond in a Poncho

I almost entitled this entry "I just couldn't help myself"

Do you ever wonder how many times a pattern was actually knit (or in this case, knit for a guy)? My photo doesn't do it justice. This 1967 pattern is more of a dark turquoise than blue -- brighter than it appears. And his sidekick P. Galore is wearing a metallic silver coat and boots. Very Mod.

I've been sorting through three bags of old magazines and patterns from the late 60's through mid 90's that were very generously donated to our guild. I know some people will think, "What would I do with old patterns? I have enough trouble managing the new ones."

But plenty more will at least get a laugh and say, "I used to wear one just like that."

A few more will go a step beyond and think, "Hey, that's an excellent shape. It just needs a change in the color scheme and its retro lines will look completely up to date."

And even if we are reaching the far side of the poncho craze, there are some pretty innovative poncho patterns in this stack for anyone who takes time to look. Makes our recent rebirth look tame. (See that photo above? I rest my case.)


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