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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dog Days

This is Ruff & Tuff. You might say, "Gail, where's your grammar? There are two of them. How do you get 'this is'?" If you could see them in action, you'd understand. They are singular. They move across the yard as one white blur. If one of them gets through the doggie door and the other can't quite swing it by himself, they both cry.

I think of them as "The Pop Dogs." I'm not sure if it's from their effervescence or if they remind me of the pups in that classic piece of literature, Hop on Pop. (They're more like Thing 1 and Thing 2). It's just a notion that passed through my brain & got stuck there.

But it's not their birthday; it's AJ's first.

I may not have taxable benefits, but I get perks. Every office should have one.


Anonymous joanie said...

they're all adorable, including Andrew! are they all your boss's?

6:41 PM  

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