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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Do you know when you started to lose your cool?

I started to become uncool in 1987. Ask me how I know this? I've been listening to the local classic rock station (WARW) play their "30 years in 30 days" (1966-1995) series. 1987 was "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" (brought tears to my eyes. Maybe not a great president, but he was certainly Presidential. He had some style going, that's for sure) and the scandal of Jim & Tami Fae (forgive my spelling; I was never a fan). I've been listening off and on since I got back from Texas, and rockin' to most of the songs when I hit 1987, and got the "That was hit? Where was I?" feeling.

So 1987 is when I started to lose my cool. I know, I know. Now men of my age prefer girlfriends who were still in high school in 1987.

WARW started playing 1988. My hit recognition got worse, but a miracle happened! I had wallowed for a few days until they got to 1990 and I recognized songs again because all the good stuff was a cover of earlier coolness. Suddenly it hit me. The music lost it's cool, not me. I am as cool as I ever was.

Which isn't much, but I've still got it.


Anonymous Bob said...

an mri machine is the perfect place for a little nap, if you don't mind the noise...

8:43 PM  

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