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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." -- Albert Einstein

When I came across this quote, I thought "Right on Albert!" I've been watching the Olympics and whooping it up for the winners, but can't help but feel every crushed dream as well. Time to hit my internal RESET. So what if it is a metaphor for life? It's still a game.

The Curling competitions have been my surprise favorite. You get to see more of the athletes and for a longer time period than you do in say, downhill skiing. Maybe I like it because it's not necessarily over if they get "in the glue." (I cannot bear to watch the figure skaters. One tiny edge caught and they're done for.)

On to more important things. This is what I'm supposed to be turning into a winter jacket with twined-knit sleeves. The Olympics are almost half over and I've cast on and frogged twice. A net gain of zero. Sigh. I'm always slow out of the blocks, but I've thought about it enough that when I do get a good start I'm convinced it will be smooth skating the rest of the way.

In my defense, I've been distracted. The weather in San Antonio has been bikini-warm in the afternoons and in the mornings there were things to explore. Like yarn shops, rodeos, 300-year-old missions and such.

The Yarn Barn has a Fabulous book selection (including some out of print but alas, not The Principles of Knitting I pine for).

You can tell a bit about where you are by the yarn they stock. You do not find an endless selection of sock yarn in Texas (in the summer it's too hot and in the winter your cowboy boots cover them up?) You do find plenty of yarns that felt, a wool purse being less seasonally handicapped here than a wool sweater would be.

The owner was charming, gave me a tour of where everything was and I felt right at home because she had posted the spiral scarf article from the Washington Post's January 8th Sunday Source. (If you haven't seen it, it's a great example of irony. The writer was looking for the perfect, unique scarf. Now that she's written about it, everyone else is knitting the same scarf in the same yarn.)

Now that I'm back home in Northern Virginia, I couldn't get my own dog to pose with the Tequila Sunrise Felted Wool Kool-Aid Hat. He's much less cooperative than Max was. So here it is, after the application of much hot water and 4 packages of Berry Blue Kool-Aid. (Person included for scale. )

Hardly recognizable as the same piece of knitting shown on my last post, thank goodness.


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