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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Blue skies smiling at me

I'm following the suggestion on Grace's Poppies (via yarnharlot, via creating text(iles)) to post blog poetry on this, the Feast of Bridgid/Groundhog's Day/Feast of the Presentation in the Temple/Last Day of Christmas. In other words, I still haven't any photos of my impending knitting project to post.

Here's the only one of my poems I've ever shared; it's intensely personal yet too vague to give away my secrets. More importantly, I don't care if anyone reads this one. I love it the way it is.

I thought of you today, under a sky
Azure as my grandfather's smiling eyes
The blue still there though hidden by disguise
A soft veil of gray mist and tears uncried.

God's splendor hemmed in twilight's roseate cloud
Winter silhouettes of trees fringing black
The diamond glitter blue that's stealing back
Transforming earth's night star-embroidered shroud.

Frozen waterfalls weep down mountains coal
Arrested betwixt love's treacherous bliss
And honey'd hell, courting warm spring's kiss
To free the paralyzed breath of my soul.

Your lost note wakes my truth beneath his lies,
Bids me remember sapphire mountain skies.


Blogger gail said...

I see that there are three of us Gail's in the knitting olympics. I am doing a smaller project, due to the demands of being a student and mother. Good luck with your project. Go Team Gail!!

10:57 AM  

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