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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one who has a key on my keyring that I haven't used in a year?

Am I the only one who tests pumpkins to see how long they'll keep? I think I'm going to go "Tootsie Pop" on Valentine's Day. Remember the old Tootsie Pop commercials -- how many licks to the center? Lick, lick, crunch ? How many months will a smallish, unblemished pumpkin remain unblemished on your kitchen counter? 3.

Am I the only one who feels a bit uneasy when I finish something epic, like I'm not quite sure which direction to take next? Or like I just got home from a trip and the house is still a mess and the dog is pretending he doesn't know me? For me this is true of books, knitting, sewing, yardwork... Stop laughing! I finish things sometimes. For example I did eventually finish Bubba's second mitten. Truthfully, those in the know could cite a list of my unfinished projects as long as the shawl I'm almost finished with. But now that I've reached the end of Amy Tan's fabulous, multi-layered novel Saving Fish From Drowning, what do I do now?

For those who have tried to leave a comment, try again. I think (hope?) it's fixed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have several key rings with keys I couldn't possibly identify. Any theory as to why I never seem to get around to throwing out old keys?

If you had varnished the pumpkin maybe it would have lasted longer.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Jan F said...

Are you PWP Gail? We're watching for your Knitting Olympics progress! Jan F

11:07 AM  

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