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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I feel so rejected

Today I went in for jury duty. This is the third time I've been called up, the second time I've had to appear and the first time I've been seated in the first 13 chairs -- a spot I thought gave me a fair chance of being selected. The judge asked his questions and 2 people dropped out. (By the way, if your son is coming home from Iraq that's a good enough reason to be excused without objections.) The lawyers asked their questions & a reasonably intelligent person could guess who else was getting the boot. When it came down to selecting the final 7, they excused a man with a thick accent, a man who didn't know how long he'd lived in this state, a nurse who'd worked at the hospital frequented by one of the parties, and ME.

Look at this picture. Tell me what makes a person say, "Nope, wouldn't want her on my jury."

I felt so rejected. Now what would I do with the rest of my day? So I went to the library, the used book store and Capital Yarns birthday sale and cheered myself by buying teeny tiny sock needles -- only 4" long and 1.25 mm (0000), Knitting for Anarchists and a gold plated tapestry needle. Hey, don't look at me like that. They were on sale.


Anonymous Jan said...

I've lived in the county since 1981, and I've been called something like 5 times, although I've only gone in twice.

The first one was a civil suit by company Valve, Inc. against company Piping, Inc. (names forgotten), and the entire jury didn't understand for at least an hour that we weren't talking about companies that make ink, but incorporated companies!!! It was settled, as I think they saw which way the jury was headed.

The second trial was a woman accused of breaking and entering, and intent to steal. We had her solidly on the breaking and entering, but were split on the intent to steal (how do we know what she was thinking?). That was also settled, even though we were hung after judge counseling, etc.

And sometimes you just have no idea why they cut people. Some people are obvious cuts, some are not. It could be age, gender, the glint in your eye, your opinion on that sort of crime, who knows!

Glad to see you got over your rejection so easily, and are now loved by new acquisitions!


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