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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gene Autry

I can't help feeling there's something important about today but I also can't remember what that is (besides being Albert Einstein's birthday.) Any ideas?

I was having trouble uploading the fascinating pictures of Big Trucks in my driveway . I would have worried it was me, but earlier I read a blogspot I like (the seated view) and she mentioned she was photoless because blogger was having problems. Which falls in well with my technique for dealing with computer problems. Blame it on The Man and wait until it fixes itself. This is surprisingly effective.

Note the splintery looking utility pole between the guy's legs? That's what caused all the trouble.

Meanwhile, if this photo had been taken 3 days later there would have been daffodils in the background. I saw my first daffodil yesterday. Then I saw a whole bank of them today. On the Signs of Spring hit parade, I saw my first robin last week the same day my sister saw hers (Coincidence? I think not. Hi Joan(ie)!) even though she's in Wisconsin & I'm in Virginia. Since Spring in Wisconsin is such a welcome relief, you might think the first robin of Spring is a bigger deal than in Virginia. Not so. I see so few robins here that they're always a treat. They were such a common sight all through my childhood that seeing them now reminds me the world is still normal in spite of chaos to the contrary. I saw my first violets today and all the flowering trees are poised on the edge, ready to take the plunge. I'll just pause a moment here to take my last few unallergic breaths for awhile.

I'm not including any knitting photos because I'm just doing dishclothes. I shouldn't say "just" because I really I enjoy their mindless zen nature and I like that our guild does them for our local food bank. But they don't make for exciting photos (unlike Big Trucks.)

You might ask about the title of today's blog. Background guitars, please ... "Back in the saddle again" (I was going to make you figure out the reference for yourself but thought no one would get it but Mom.) My phone (and internet access) is phinally restored. And I spent 27 minutes on it arguing with Verizon to give me credit on my bill for the 4 lost days ( which is apparently only worth $5.53. Hey, it was the principle.)


Anonymous smf said...

I was looking for a horse when I say Gene Autry. Eventually I got the drift.

8:23 PM  

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