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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I know it doesn't look like much

but I am very proud of this:

(Ignore the date. ) These rather non-descript gray bulky swatches are the result of the fabulous Saturday afternoon I spent with Margaret Fisher and 15 or 20 knitting friends. (Note to self: next time don't use icky gray acrylic yarn because it's "just" a swatch.) I am proud of these bits of knitting out of all proportion to their feeble appearance. They are stockinette stitch, ribbing, & reverse stockinette stitch seamed together in a neat, tidy, practically magic way. Margaret is a lovely, patient teacher who does beautiful finishing and I almost missed it. The Prince William Purlers knitting guild sponsored 2 classes. I had signed up for the morning class, "7 things that make or break a sweater" and only decided at the last minute to take the afternoon class on seaming because when I got there at 9 AM there were still a few openings. So I knit swatches through lunch (thanks Claire & Melissa for not saying I was too weird) and had enough time to reknit the one I miscounted on.

I had the best time.

I should cease to be surprised; this always happens. No matter how well I know (or think I know) the subject, I always learn something I didn't even know I didn't know. The teacher is always patient and passionate. My classmates are always varied and interesting. I am always glad I went.

And now I feel empowered. Almost enough to start that red, traveling stitch sweater that's been in my imagination since I saw the red sweater with Joan(ie) at Woolrich in 1989. Jan, that's why I missed charity knitting at Uniquities.

PS This photo doesn't do Oliver justice, and The Principles of Knitting is (unfortunately) the library's copy. A girl can dream.


Anonymous Jan said...

Well, I'm glad to know you had a good time, and feel empowered.

I had a good time, too, and almost finished my Bay Window Bear. (It's a bear that is intended for Jamaica, courtesy of a brother of someone from Bay Window yarn shop in Irvington, VA.) Since I still haven't finished Pinkie (we decided she needed a hat, as her head is a little short), I'll bring her to guild, and we can see if we want to make some for some charity.

See you soon,


8:48 AM  

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