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Friday, June 08, 2007

Room with a View

I just love an interesting view. It makes up for having to use an elevator.

Here is a view from last week:

That bright spot to the right of the Washington Monument is the moon. This photo is a weak imitation of what I saw.

And here is the view last Saturday:

At first, when I saw the street being closed off, I was curious. Security for some head of state? Someone moving a wide load? A parade?

Then the runners started by. After awhile I went down to see what the occasion was and asked one of the organizers I had spotted from my lofty perch.

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. 46,000 people wheeled, jogged & walked by my window. (This was toward the front of the pack.) I watched for the whole hour and a half it took for them to pass by.

They were not as noisy as you would expect such a large crowd to be. I swear, you could feel the positive vibes. It made my hair stand on end. If you can cure cancer with sheer determination, breast cancer is on its way out.


Anonymous cassie said...

Having to use an elevator?! would you prefer several flights of stairs?!

7:03 PM  

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