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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Waiting for Azaleas

Spring is not my favorite season, but I do love the marching progression of things. Last year I saw my first dandelion on April 18th, this year on April 19th. Last year was mild, this year's been cold, yet the dandelions know just when to show their mischievous yellow faces. First the forsythia, next daffodils, then tulips, plum, cherry, apple, redbud, lilacs, dogwood.... Then Azaleas. I do not really like azaleas, but every year I find myself waiting for them. A house I pass on my way to school has a huge bank of several colors. They are the Best Azaleas In The World. What makes them even better is the modest house they grace. We're not talking Bellingrath Gardens here. We're talking equal opportunity azaleas that any one of us with a little Miracle Grow and a lot of time could foster in our very own yard.

I will check for the azaleas today on my drive to school. I think they will be blooming. Meanwhile here's something to distract you. I made a postpartum exercise flip book for a project last semester. Everyone loved it. I think it was the absolute low techiness that did it. Here's a similar peek out my window this week watching the dogwoods bloom, waiting for the azaleas (you will have to flip it in your imagination) :


Anonymous Jan from PWP said...

Nice flip-book!

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