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Monday, July 31, 2006

This is my favorite place

It doesn't really matter that the photos on this post are from my phone. The best camera in the world wouldn't do the view justice. Imagine looking down a hundred feet just to see the treetops. The top of this firetower is is my absolute favorite place.

When I'm worn out, I imagine coming up here in any kind of weather; although in real life I would probably not be brave enough to come up in a lightning storm. The tower is, after all, metal and it is the tallest thing for as far as the eye can see (which is pretty far. This is in Wisconsin and there aren't a lot of lumpy mountains to get in the way.) Isn't this cool?

It's quite a hike to the top (I always try to count the steps and always get sidetracked & forget where I am. Or maybe I run out of oxygen and it's a lack of mental focus thing.) It is also a bit rickety, which for me -- aside from the view -- is the source of its charm. Not everyone wants to be here. I figure it has been standing for a long time, will probably stand for a long time more, and I'm willing to risk it.


Anonymous Jan said...

I like places like that, too, although I'm afraid of heights, so I might be sitting down at the top!

I'd take three days to get all the way up, too, but it's definitely worth it!

Are these old photos from the phone, or are you in Wisconsin now?

9:30 AM  

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