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Thursday, July 06, 2006

PostSecret & Keith Haring part two

Since today I'm having trouble putting text and photos together, this post is coming in two parts.

Sunday afternoon we went to see the PostSecret exhibit at the Reading Public Museum. As you might expect in an exhibit about secrets, it is not G rated. But it is thought provoking, sometimes with that "ah, yes" recognition, sometimes with sadness over what a mess humans make, sometimes with laughter at the flat-out truth. I enjoyed it. Although it left me feeling somber, I also left thinking about the effects of truth and planning my own 4" x 6" art project.

There was a bonus! (besides the mummy and the samurai costume that have been there forever) Two floors up was a Keith Haring exhibit -- Journey of the Radiant Baby. Even if you don't recognize the name, you may recognize the style from the Statue of Liberty in part one of this post. My sewing machine even has an embroidery on it of his clones. (Actually, it's a clone of his clones & it was taken off the latter-production machines because of copyright issues.) Maybe because he was a "local boy made good," this exhibit was G rated (or at least PG), which will surprise you if you go searching around the internet for his art. Some is, um, a little graphically dark. That's why I linked to his haringkids website. It was more in tune with the upbeat nature of the exhibit. The exhibit was so bold and so colorful (why does it feel that way when much was in black and white?) and so accessible. It is not an exhibit of subtle, awsome genious; it's an exhibit that makes you say, "Isn't art cool? Let's do some. Now!"


Anonymous smf said...

I've heard of Post Secret but who is Keith Haring? Is that an "East Coast" thing? Okay, so my ignorance is showing.

9:34 AM  

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