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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day Lilies in the ditch

Every one of the flowers I love is favored for a sentimental reason, not because of its color or scent but because of the person it represents to me.

Even though Grandma Fraleigh had a whole bank of hydrangeas the size of basketballs, I think of her for pansies, poppies, and bleeding hearts. When I think of Grandma Schmude, I think of gladiolus, morning glories, strawberries and

day lilies.

I'm especially fond of these because even though my yard looks like a mulched parking lot and I am stubbornly not trying to rehabilitate it, these troopers come up year after year. In the ditch. Just like at Grandma's house (although her ditch was magnificent. Mine's wimpy.) Today I saw my first blooms of the summer.

Looks deceptively pastoral, doesn't it? The traffic was being held up by the school bus just around the corner.


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