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Thursday, June 01, 2006


or did I mean stunned?

Here is the missing basic training photo from my Memorial Day posting. You can see why I didn't keep a copy, but my dear mother --through the magic of the internet -- has provided it for our amusement. I always hated the hat in this photo (after I wore it for a few months, it got squashed down into something more manageable), but Mom remembers this as "the photo with the crooked bangs." Funny I'd never noticed that before. (We had a hairdresser in our flight. She had a tidy little business on the side keeping our haircuts from driving the TIs crazy. I can see now why she was looking for a new career. In fairness to her, there does seem to be a little wave on one side but not the other.) The baggy jacket wasn't mine, and I really want to reach out & straighten the wrinkle in my collar & the right US emblem, but the flag looks nice, doesn't it?


Anonymous smf said...

Check the resemblance on this "stunning" photo and the equally stunning photo which was the first one on your Memorial Day posting.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous cassie said...

what a strange hat...

8:13 PM  

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