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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I've got a (Post)Secret

PostSecret makes me feel human. What is it about anonymous confession that feels so ... so... liberating and scary and righteous and naughty all at the same time? Being based in Germantown, Maryland (beyond regular shopping distance but not too far to go looking for a used car) makes it seem even more personal -- practically in my town.

It's art on a 4 x 6 postcard; the rules are it must be true and it must be something you've never shared with anyone. When I'm bored I try to imagine artwork for my secrets. Then I get bogged down trying to imagine which of my secrets I could even imagine sharing. If I had a decent secret I would have sent it by now. Somehow "I feel strangely compelled to knit baby bootees" doesn't seem like a very interesting secret. (Besides there are people that have figured this out about me. )

So what I'm really wondering: if one of your postcards got posted on PostSecret (as new ones are every Sunday) would you tell all your friends or would you keep it a secret?

PS Actually I do have a wonderful secret (don't we all?) but if I told you I couldn't send it to PostSecret...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the PostSecrets book at B&N last month. Some of the secrets terrified me; most made me smile. Mine would be mundane (secretly wishes to be a fly fisherwoman; dreams of playing mandolin in a band).

6:08 PM  

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