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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Generation Gap

Tonight I went to Vince's Freshman Orientation (and no, out of a class of 750 kids, there wasn't anyone nearly as interesting as Jane saw at Steve's.) When I mentioned to the woman showing the school's "Fusion" website for homework that I have a blog & I think it's fun, you'd have thought I said, "I sell my plasma for cash to support my nauga habit." Apparently, blogs are only for sleazebags bent on nefarious purposes. Who knew? I am unchastised and undaunted.

Inspired by JRK's comment about Cassie's youthful glow, my darling daughter deigned to step down from her Xanga Princess blog perch to check out my significantly less hip blog and leave a few comments I wanted to share.

"teenagers are much more valuable than magic beans. if [you] grow magic beans, you'll get a huge bean stalk which you will want to climb to see what's at the top, and then a giant will come to try to kill you and you will fall off the beanstalk and die. or the giant would kill you.or if you didnt know they were magic beans and ate them, you'd get like a beanstalk tumor and die. teenagers don't have vicious giants hidden on top of them, nor can you climb them. eating them probably wouldn't kill you either. unless you ate them raw and got salmonella, which would be your own fault for not cooking them properly. teenagers are in fact, extremely beneficial. teenagers can make fantastic brownies. what beans have you met [that] can do that? in conclusion, magic beans lead to death. teenagers lead to brownies."

Well, you can't argue with logic like that, can you?

To her comment "I got skillz" I say, "But spelling isn't one of them."


Anonymous smf said...

My thought is, people who look down on bloggers probably have neither the creativity nor adventurous spirit to try it, therefore "sour grapes"? Sort of in the same catagory as people who express them selves by means of profanity. Generally means they do not have a good command of the English language.

1:33 PM  

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