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Monday, April 21, 2008

Blue Horizon (AKA Down the Rabbit Hole)

About a month ago, I saw the cover of the book Kunststrik II by Sonja Esbensen while randomly surfing blogs with pretty lace shawls.

Kunststrik II is a collection of doily patterns. It is in Danish.
I do not use doilies. I do not speak Danish. I had to have it. (While I was at it, I bought the first Kunststrik, too. More doilies, but this book has been translated.) I used the logic that I should buy them now before the exchange rate with the Euro gets worse.

Then Knitpicks put their Alpaca Cloud yarn in the color "Horizon" on clearance. If you go look at the link, you won't see this color. Gone, gone, gone. Except at my house. I have plenty. It is a lovely shade of light sky blue. As soon as I thought I would not be able to get it anymore, I had to have some. After my first order came, I was so delighted with the color I ordered another round.

One pattern, Knud III, leaped right off the pages and into my heart. On bigger needles (twice as big! Monster US size 2's instead of 000's) with laceweight yarn instead of thread, it looked as if it would make a lovely christening shawl, not too lacy for little fingers to get snagged.

There are no babies anywhere on my near horizon.

I cast on anyway. So now I am knitting from a book in a language I don't speak on a shawl I don't need. It is unspeakably wonderful fun.

I took this photo of the first 40 rounds, 2 days' knitting, on Sunday. After 2 more days, I am on round 83, and those rounds are considerably longer. Like I said: down the rabbit hole.


Anonymous Jan said...

It's also gorgeous! I look forward to seeing more.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous smf said...

I've always loved your spontaneous not so logical nature. Keep it up.

5:21 PM  

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