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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sticker shock, Flora & Fauna shock, Vacation Shock

It all started because Cassie said, "How come we never go anywhere for Spring Break?"

So now I'm suffering from shock. Sticker shock because I just filled my gas tank. When I last filled it, the Saturday before leaving on Spring Break, I paid $2.43 per gallon. This evening I was lucky to find gas for $2.79. Sigh. I long for the flat of Wisconsin where bicycling isn't like training for the Tour de France. (I swear, the only people you see on bikes around here are guys with colorful shirts, taut calf muscles, tight spandex shorts, aerodynamic helmets, and those special shoes.

Flora & Fauna shock because I went from a week of this:

(See the little creature?)

And this:

And this:

To this:

I'm showing you the lilacs because they're my favorite spring flower. See?

I've always loved lilacs. But there are azaleas everywhere and every kind of flowering tree. It's just ... too ... much.

And lastly, vacation shock. I just got used to the sunshine, the desert, the crazy time zone changes (Arizona is Mountain Standard time, Utah is Mountain Daylight & Nevada is Pacific Daylight) the lack of pollen & internet service and now I'm back. At least now I can wish belated happy birthday to The Other Middle Child (middle of the boys), my brother Bob.

This photo was probably taken when he was about half his current age, but it's still my favorite. HB Bobby Mon. I thought of you on your birthday.


Anonymous Jan said...

A horny toad! At least that is what we called them when I lived across the street from the Mojave Desert at China Lake NAS.

So, what is wrong with the guys with colorful shirts, taut calf muscles, tight spandex shorts, aerodynamic helmets, and those special shoes? I think they're really cute to look at! And I get a lot of looking at them in May, when my husband and I help out with the MS 150 Bike Ride. We're a sag vehicle -- we pick up the folks who can't make it for some reason -- broke down, need a lift to the next rest stop, need a break, are done for today. We usually work just the Saturday, and it's a really great event!

Sorry to hear about your shocks. I loved the desert, and would love to go visit again! And except for the allergies, I love all the flowering things. Lilacs are one of my favorites, too, but mine is the darker variety that I prefer. Yours is really pretty, though.


10:39 AM  
Anonymous rlf said...

middle children are pretty cool. in our family they are especially unique. gail is the only girl whose name doesn't start with "j" and bob is the only boy whose name doesn't start with "d." we both have darker hair. we did dishes and even sang together while we did it -- "tell me why..."

i like to tell people that i was named for the poet "robert lowell," but then admit, to no shame at all, that i'm actually named after a couple other great people...

thank you for the birthday wish gail. xoxoxo

7:53 PM  

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